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Why Flexile?

Creating product line items is easy, managing individual variations becomes hard, building solutions or bundles of products adds complexity.

Existing solutions appeared to be slow, hard to configure and expensive band-aids. We wanted to do it better, faster, easier — each product to contain all of it's variables. We didn't find it, so we created Flexile.

Agile Products & Pricing

Easily add new Products, bundles or special pricing when you need it.
Flexile Product Management Flexile Pricing Management
Flexile Product Catalogue Preview Flexile Product Catalogue Custom Branding

Product Catalogue

All your active products available in an online catalogue that is fully integrated with your quoting system - simple!

Configuration and Quoting

Product bundling provides a clever way to group products together and quote them based on your business logic.
Flexile Product Configuration Flexile Quoting
Flexile Quote Workflow Flexile Custom Quote Template

Online quotes with custom templates and e-sign
— Welcome to 2021!

Allow your customers to accept online or print to PDF and sign with wet ink.

CRM Integration

Create a Flexile quote straight from the opportunity in the CRM. Flexile can also automatically create a new quote (and / or an Opportunity) in your CRM for every Flexile Quote.

100% accurate pipelines. Created effortlessly.
Flexile Salesforce CRM Integration

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